Green Jobs Training For Youth And Women

The youth is a power house for driving sustainable solutions to address the climate crisis. They however have limited access to relevant trainings due to equip them with skills to embark on the journey of solution provision 

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Considering the rate at which smallholder farmers lose their harvest, we have come in to provide low cost multipurpose solar dryers. The dryers are easy to use, not sophiscated, cost effective and have been tested for great efficiency in drying a wide range of agricultural products.

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Our duo stoves are designed with ability to use three types of fuels and these are briquettes, charcoal and firewood. This stove has been tested against standard parameters of thermal performance and emissions. Our stove has got good physical attributes for example strong casing for the stove long life, wooden handles for easy carriage, ash trays for easy disposal of ash and a triple insulation to enable maximum heat retention

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We recycle locally sourced household organic waste to produce briquettes for safe and smart cooking. Our briquettes are smoke free, stainless, highly flammable and cost effective. With the use of briquettes, people can save between 40-50% per unit cost on cooking while reducing enormous pressure on forests for firewood and charcoal

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